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<b>Janda Baik</b> Project 8 « Keep Calm and Blog

Posted: 23 May 2011 07:38 AM PDT

Hello! (:

Somehow, I feel like I have abandoned this blog for what seemed like ages but of course, I just blogged about a few days ago. I wanted to blog so badly yesterday after I got back but I reached home at about 6:30pm and I was busy 'updating my life' on Twitter, Facebook, etc that I didn't even have the time to upload the pictures I took, let alone update this blog. So, forgive me to those who have been waiting for an update.

Haih. It feels good talking like there are millions reading when in reality, there are only about 2? Or 5 at most? :mrgreen:

I have so many things to say! So many things! But I just don't feel the 'spirit' by simply blogging about it. Vlogging? Hmph, people will fall asleep watching me in video and so on, so I shall just write whatever I feel like writing okay?

First of all. My purse.

I cried like I lost a baby on Friday, 1 hour before the trip because I honestly thought I lost my purse. I cried and cried until my friend, Peggy, told me to search for it at the building I went before this. So, I quickly took the bus while my poor group members had to load the stuff onto the vans etc and luckily, the bus didn't take long. I ran as quickly as I could and as I entered the building, Alhamdulillah, I was so freaking relieved to find my purse, right at the building's lobby, on the computer table, right in front of the entrance, untouched, despite having a few hundreds in it.

Words can hardly describe my relief. Really. I am just super grateful. I really had considered not going on the trip while I was crying actually. Thank God, my senses came back to me, and thanks to Peggy as well for convincing me to go find it :')

Anyhoo, we made our way to Janda Baik at around 6pm. There was a slight traffic jam but after that, the journey was a smooth one. We reached Janda Baik at approximately 7:30pm and was greeted warmly by our host.

It was quite a long night, as committee members this trip, we were the ones who had to sort of the stuff we brought, prepared them for the next day, etc. But yeah, basically, the first night, we had a little story telling time with our host and after that, we played games among ourselves and THAT was very fun despite being bullied by the facilitators to dance -.- Though I enjoyed it very much because I have no idea where I got the energy and the courage to dance like a monkey in front of so many people. Oh yeah.

Moving on -.-'

The next day, we started our day by going to the Orang Asli's village at 9am+. The journey was so much fun because I got the chance to sit at the back of a pick-up truck, the Nissan Navara and damn, it was so much fun feeling the wind and boucing whenever there were bumps and all that :mrgreen: Such a good experience for me.



At the village, we gave out the food items, the clothes and this time, we had so many snacks to give to the children, thanks to our sponsors from Peggy's mother especially, as well as Nadia's. It felt nice seeing the children looked kind of shocked that they were given so many things :-) And yes, who wouldn't be touched and happy seeing children so happy, right?

entertaining the kids.

giving out the food items.

my favorite little boy there :')

photo right above taken from facilitator Camille.

Despite the blazing hot weather, I really enjoyed my time there and yes, we didn't get the chance to have like educational workshops or whatsoever because I have to admit, we don't really have the right knowledge on how to communicate them in terms on educating them. Really wish we could have done that though. Plus, we had to go back early for fear it might rain. So… Yeah :-(

Back at the house, we had lunch, spaghetti! Was told that it was the best spaghetti in Janda Baik. Have to agree that it was nice though. Ruined my diet but oh well :mrgreen:

After that, some of us went to rest while most of us had a picnic under a tree and played charades. That was fun. Haha. Girls vs guys. So you know how competitive we were at that time.

It was only 3pm at that time when we decided to take a walk to the river nearby while waiting for our host who told us she would take us to a nice river at 5pm. And so, all of us walked (luckily the weather was less hot by then) just walked until we found a river to hang out at.


the river we found (:


me, Nadia & Yuyu

Went back to the house at 4:00pm. Those who still had some energy left went to the hut and we played Twister and my God, I didn't know my skills at flexing my body were that bad!!! I lost almost every time I played it. Not only that, I was also the first one to lose, every, time! :mad: Such a humiliation :-?

the guys.

But I don't want to hold on to the past anymore. Sigh. So, let's move on to the time when we went to the real river! I don't have pictures of us there though because I was too busy playing with the super cold water. Besides, there were many others who were handling all the photography stuff, so I guess sooner or later, I'll get to see the pictures :-)

Had so much fun at the river despite hurting myself and getting cuts here and there and risking my life but yeah… It was a wonderful experience with hidden meanings shut up Farhanah bye.

After the river, let's just say, all 20 of us excluding the driver went back in one trip on the Nissan Navara. CRAZY and my tummy was pressed so hard to the roof every time we had to brake. It was a crazy yet fun yet dangerous experience but I would go through it again if I had the chance with a slight change and…. cue to shut up should be around NOW! Bye again.

That night, we just made preparations for the workshops and station games and the facilitators wanted to have a barbecue session but failed. Tried to make a fire from 11pm until past midnight I think. Yeah. So sad. We fried the chickens the next day instead :-)

I know I know. This trip seems like it was more like a fun trip compared to a charity trip but really, we didn't have much choice. We were only informed a few days before the trip about the orphans not being able to join any activities on Saturday because they had to attend one of their staffs' wedding :-| So, it's not like we wanted to have fun, we just had no other choice. I mean, might as well just do at least something than mourn about the fact that the orphans were away, right? Yeah.


The orphans came at about 9am and we started with our educational workshops. I'm actually really proud of the facilitators because I think they did so much better than the time we, committee members, were facilitators. Only few little kids were being slightly passive but even so, the facilitators still managed to capture their attention later on.

And I was super super super touched when the kids who were about 6-11 year old, drawing themselves as doctors and police. They have such great ambitions and it scares me to imagine what their future will be. It's just so scary. I wish I can help them more. Guide them. Or even better, adopt them! But yeah, there is only so much I can do :-(

Well, yeah, anyway, they seemed to enjoy the station games as well. Most importantly, they were so happy that they got new shoes (a special thanks to one of our facilitators, Ragu who sponsored the shoes) and stationery and so many snacks.

Ya Allah, seriously, I can't ever forget their eager and excited expressions while we were giving them those stuff. Even touched when some of the kids even remembered my name since our last trip. And the biggest moving moment when some of the kids came to say goodbye to me and they shook my hand and, okay, I think I am tearing up.

Our host told us that we did well because eventhough the boys just came back at 6 in the morning, they seemed so energetic for our activities. That's something we should all really be proud of.


the drawings :')

I really want to see them again. Really wish I could organize another trip or something so that I can make sure it's not our last trip there :'(

Sigh. Yeah.. Everything ended at about 2:30pm. The kids went back and we cleaned up everything and packed our things for the vans which were coming at 4:30pm. Had a good postmortem meeting in my opinion and then, off to HELP.

It was…. an awesome trip now that I think of it. Despite our hooha-s, our mistakes, our downsides, it was still a good trip and I am so happy it went so well :-)





Honestly, the exhaustion from the trip is still here. Had to wake up at 6:30am this morning for my 8am class (which was so boring to the power of 10000000, I even slept in class for the first time ever since I started college life). And we went back at 3pm. And now, I am blogging. And yeah, I'm tired.

Tomorrow, we have class from 8am to 5pm and die die DIE!

I can only have my rest once class is over tomorrow. And can sleep in on Wednesday since my class only starts at 2pm on Wednesdays. Sigh.

Okay. I took several hours to write everything. Need to start focusing on assignments and revision now. Results have been released this afternoon and Alhamdulillah, I'm somewhat happy with it. Not entirely though because it's not what I would call excellent but happy I've gotten above B- for all Psychology subjects. Must do better for second year despite it being harder. Must.

Right. I guess that's all for now. Busy week. Back to being a busy bee. Bye-bye!

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Mas ker Linda™: Gathering tahun ke3 <b>di Janda Baik</b>

Posted: 30 May 2011 02:26 AM PDT

Plan tahun ke3 ni semua di lakukan oleh Pn Jei. Dari mencadangkan, reiki (tak tahu eja), dan jugak menghubungi serta menempah lokasi terbabit. Semua Jei yang arrange. Lokasi Janda Baik ni dah lama Jei plan. Masa kami gath tahun lepas lagi. Biasanya kos chalet yang ada bilik air kat Janda Baik agak mahal. Tapi yang Jei dapat cari ni murah jek. RM100 weekdays & RM120 weekend. Chaletnya ada 6 buah jek. Tempatnya chalet Kobaik..

Dalam perjalanan.. sini dah masuk Janda Baik, kami tersekat sebab ada penggambaran. Drama atau filem tidak ler di ketahui. Tapi bak kata polis bantuan yang jaga lalulintas, tajuk shooting berkenan horey horey... Macam citer lawak jek.

Di kampung di Janda Baik ni, ada kedai runcit. Di sini kami membeli ais batu & arang. Tak jauh dari Kobaik.

Pintu masuk chalet kami... ada 3 buah yang berkembar dua. 3x2=6.

Cantikkan chaletnya... chalet batu.

Ini pulak bahagian verandah belakang chalet kami.. di sinilah tempat kami berBBQ, berborak dsb. Verandah belakang ni betul2 menghadap sungai.

Ini pulak bahagian dalam chalet. Walaupun chalet kecil tapi sangat selesa. Ada TV, mini bar, heater, almari. Kami tak kesah sangat dengan chalet yang kecil sebab kami masuk chalet hanya waktu nak mandi, tukar baju & tidur sahaja. Yang selebihnya melepak kat luar atau ke sungai.

Pintu bilik air.. 

Aksi Adam yang tak sabar untuk meng gogel.. Itu gogel anak2 Jei.

Sungai cetek di belakang chalet kami... Airnya sangat cetek.

Dekat batu ni ler bebudak melepak bila dah kesejukkan.

Pic ni amik kat fb Jei... Lokasi Kobaik betul2 bersebelahan D'Ark. Ikut aje signboard D'Ark.. No telefon untuk tempahan 017-923 8720..

Lain2 facilities... ada disediakan tong BBQ. Kena bawak arang sendiri. Dan bawak jaring sendiri. Yang ada mungkin dah kotor atau karat.

Kerusi meja jugak ada di sediakan di setiap bilik. Bilik jugak ada aircond yang sejuk tahap beku pada waktu malam... gegel punya.

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