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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

kiss me, take me away : <b>Janda Baik</b> Project 8 part 2

Posted: 25 Jun 2011 02:23 AM PDT

I thought i should blog a little before my dinner date with my girls later. so yeah, it's janda baik part 2 =) It's gonna be random pictures as my camera died on me that important day. sighh.that morning was my duty day! I have to cook for all! Omg, so kancheong and excited okay, just so you know i never cook since whaat? during form 3 those kemahiran hidup class. so yeah! hahas, Tho i sucks at cooking sometimes, but my friends all damn layan my cooking cause they have NO choice! Bwahaha, After cooking when to get ready to have those so call 'lectures' for the teenage and also station games. I still had so much fun with the teenagers there. They are all so cheeky and hyper btw!& there's this girl who actually treat me like her old friend, literally! lols, we talked about everything and i totally appreciate it as she gave response when we were giving lectures. & funny thing is, she had a crush on Wai Meng (one of the facis) ! hahahas. it was a great trip! Hopefully another one in august =)

I was in the Ular team. lol & thats something we did for the kids. lol

kena scam by that guy beside meeeee!!!!! grrr. lolols. Full Feed Generated by Get Full RSS, sponsored by USA Best Price.

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