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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 31 May 2014 07:01 AM PDT

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.:Simply Funtasy:.: KL Weekend Getaway: Riverside, <b>Janda Baik</b>

Posted: 30 May 2014 02:33 AM PDT

Hon, me, drag-along Shien and friends went to Riverside, Janda Baik for picnic and water dipping.
Janda Baik, or 'good widow', is only less than an hour drive from KL, so it is an ideal outdoorsy spot for the city people.
One guy Yee Song prepared seafood, another guy Alex prepared 'others', dearie Hon prepared utensils. He got those trusty disposable BBQ sets, not environmental-friendly but makes our life easier.
We gathered and had our breakfast at Karak Highway's Old Town White Coffee Restaurant (BhP Petrol). Saw Huey Ru, Er Jie's ex classmate & my ex classmate's sister, and she said Hi!! 
:) Lovely to meet lovely person in lovely morning :) 
(Barely or probably never talk to her during school time, that's why the happy surprise)
This time around, our campsite was at Riverside. They have small bamboo huts for rent, equipped with a simple BBQ set. The huts are exactly by the river.
Hon had a first dip in the river while waiting for the ice-purchasing group to come back. The river is shallow but is a sand and small rock based river, so it appeared yellowish and kinda dirty from upper view, plus the middle of the stream was quite rough on that day.
Food preparation and BBQ started!
As a 吃货, YS has a great skill of preparing the prawns and squid. He managed the seafood department, while the rest of us poking up the drumsticks, wings, hotdogs, fish/squid balls etc etc for BBQ. 
At the same time, our 'neighbor', a big Malay family was doing their food preparation too. Comparing to them, we were definitely super small scale in terms of food and tools.
They brought two BBQ pits, few bags of coals, small stove (with wok and stuff!) for frying, and that's just the tools; they had a big container of fried keropok, brought big and small containers of what seems to be nasi lemak(?), one BIG container of satay(!!) to BBQ on site, and another container of hotdogs, marinated meat, etc etc etc!! 
We were wide-eyed amazed!
After awhile they brought out three small kid tents to set up by the hut. 0.o sai mm sai ar... How are you gonna pack later when you wanna go back!?
After makan, we started our second round of water dipping. Not only we dipped, we ate too haha! Wings and watermelon were delivered from land to stream, so much fun!
Anyway, there's nothing much we could do in the stream though, and I started to get itchy legs from all the sands and small rocks drifting into my shorts and swimsuit, so I had to get up, take a bath and change clothes.
After picnic, we packed our stuff, got on the car, and headed to Tanarimba for tea. 
The previous Pinto Cafe that Hon and I used to go has now become Purple Cane Tea House. The outlook is still the same but they change the menu into vegetarian meals and mostly Chinese tea. 
Later that night we went to K3K Cafe at Kuchai Lama to watch Thomas Cup Final. Was so disappointed, left after CWF lose his match -_-
Overall, it was fun. It's my first time outing with this group of friends (Hon's travelling friends) and they were fun! Hon promised to bring me to his 'secret base' next time as it is more secluded (without any facilities) for a date :)

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