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06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

B is for Bakau, B*tchin, Blog: Compay Trip @ <b>Bukit Tinggi</b>

Posted: 11 Jun 2011 04:07 AM PDT

Dear bloggie,

Is worn out after attending my company's team building trip to Bukit Tinggi from yesterday to today. Mainly not tired by the exhausting crap we had to do there, but due to my neck injury. The injury seem to be getting alot worst, especially after I wake up from sleep, as I feel like my back shoulder region is drawn up. Maybe due to the muscle spasm, my neck muscle not working properly resulting in the push and pull anatomy of my neck and shoulder region to go cuckoo.

Anyway, back to the main topic. This year's annual team building event was held at Bukit Tinggi the a total of 200 ppl participating. Departure was from my office at Cybergagal at 7.30am. I decided to ask my father to drive me to work instead of driving myself as I didn't want to park my car in the Cybergagal outside parking area. Nothing interesting for the journey to the venue, mainly a boring bus ride with me suffering due to my stiff neck. Reached there around 10.30am.

First team building event was playing a couple of indoor games. One of a networking game, where u need to find people tat matches the criteria within the dumb questionable (Such as who has ever been bitten by a snake, etc), a key and lock searching game and puzzle matching. After this game, we were allowed a short break, so most of us walked around the French village area. Frankly speaking, big yawn. Dunno wat so special besides the village building design is ciplak French. Then we had our pretty decent lunch buffet. We then were given around 1 hour since there was problem sorting the team list due to absenteeism of some people. I follow some of my collegue to go to Japan Tea Village. After sitting a shuttle bus uphill to the venue and a short hike, was majorly disappointing by the "small" village.

Coming back to the french village for the next event, Explorace. Ultimately this "explorace" goes like tis, a team of 10 ppl have to find 5 checkpoints scattered around the whole Bukit Tinggi based on 5 photos. We can visit the checkpoints in any order except for the last one that needs to be visited last. The location in the pictures were easily identified but main problem was transport. You see, most of the venue required a shuttle bus to reach so with so many teams and so little bus, you can imagine the havoc that ensues. We decided to take one checkpoint tat was in the vicinity of the French Village first since the shuttle bus was fulled. Shooting bowling pin with paintball gun event. A guy our team was very at home with a paintball gun, so he did the sniping.

Next, we decided to go the japanese tea village checkpoint. We however had to split our team to 2, due to insufficient seats in the shuttle bus. I sadly ended up in team 2 that had to make the way to the japanese tea village (located uphill) on foot (Coz the shuttle bus schedule is every 1 hour 1 trip). A VERY hard hike, mainly due to the steep uphill route. Here we learn tat the bus schedule is LAN one, as alot of bus pass us by and our company people cheers us on when they say 4 sohais trying to make this crazy hike. Suffice to say, a 30+ minutes hike we managed to conquer this route. Again, we were cheered by the other company people that were already there waiting for the bus downhill. Team 1 tat departed earlier already done the checkpoint and was waiting for a bus downhill.

Sadly not enuff seat in bus again, split again to 2 teams, I ended in team 2 again which need to take a ride from a truck tat was going onli 1/2 way to the rabbit farm. We tumpang but had to continue the run downhill 1/2 way. Lucky while running downhill some more got shuttle bus appear tat not full. Go rabbit farm, saw my other team members tat were stuck in the event as the judge no pen to sign the form. I stuck into my jeans and can u imagine the odds? A pen in my jeans. Next we waited a while for bus again to go further downhill to horse ranch. No bus, our team leader decided to walk again!? This time everyone walked downhill, a good 30 minutes walk.

When I reached, my team leader and 2 other team mates already completed the game. Ugh, have to run back to the french village. 1/4 way to the rabbit farm, we spotted a lorry (random aunty and uncle) fulled with my company people at the back. We were lucky to get a free ride to the rabbit farm >_<. quite="" dangerous="" as="" of="" us="" actually="" were="" hanging="" at="" the="" lorry="" front="" door="" side="" since="" no="" place="" de="" back.="" readability="61">

At the rabbit farm came the LONG wait. No bus was insight, and got 3-4 teams here waiting for bus. Some team tak sabar decided to hike the whole way back to french village. My team leader decided no more running as we knew the distance too far (4-5K) and uphill some more. After waiting like a goddamn 1 hour, finally 2 bus. All kemek in, and like 15 minutes later passed a team tat decided to hike the whole way up 45 minutes ago.

Back at the french village, finally get to play a event. Filled the holed container game. We were required to fill a long cylinder container tat got small hole around it with water. So we had to close as much hole with our finger, while someone scoop water like cray from the swimming pool and pour to the top of this container. We managed to overflow the container in under 5+ minutes and thus ended our "torture race".

After this event, we check in to our room. I was bunked together with another work collegue from Klang, Setia Alam. However due to room availability (someone no come), he was given a "suite" to stay instead. Dinner was something everyone was looking forward to. And while dinner, the event "Got talent" was held. 5 daring participants... 1st was a group of 4 people band playing mushy song, so-so lar. 2nd was a crappy standup comedy, daring but "super duper" lame. 3rd was one of my explorace team mate playing a 1 band solo with his guitar, very good. 4th a magic show, ok la, I mean the chick playing the assistance... LOL. Last was my former team leader, demonstrating Aikido!!? Best performance of the nite, as it had a nice blend of Aikido demonstration and jokes. For the demo, had one my collegue to play the attacker. My team lead then at the shouting of my other collegues to "KILL HIM", proceed to apply a arm lock and make his submit on the floor. Then at the crazy cheer for one particular collegue to join the demo, this nutcase actually went up for a impromptu smackdown! Everyone was making joke for him to use his chinese kungfu (mou ying kheuk, wing chun, etc) to fight aikido. But at last, was easily subdue by my team lead in the same hand lock. Not surprising, my team lead came up 1st place in the "got talent" event.

Then nite came, and I join in a collegue self organized booze session at the poolside. Played some card game to see who kena minum. Escaped unscrathed, but one collegue really kena kau kau. Around 12.15 decided to hit the slack.

I awaken to the sound of early morning by my aching neck and shoulder. My trap was pulling my shoulders making it quite pain. Anyway, physical pain is nothing much to shout about compared to another type of pain, so I bite my lips and endured this pain. Had a pretty decent breakfast, then proceed to checkout from the hotel. Then a LONG + BORING bus ride back to the center of multimedia and technology aka Cybergagal.

The end of one journey, the start of another... After the bus finally arrived at my ofis at around 11am, I then proceed on my small adventure to take a series of buses to get back home... That however is a tale for another time.

Overall a pretty fun team building, but for me it was plagued by my neck pain and heart pain.

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Semasa Terkini: Harga Pakej Ke <b>Bukit Tinggi</b>

Posted: 18 Jun 2011 03:36 AM PDT

hrg pakej ke bukittinggi
04 hari 03 malam Dumai-bukittinggi
Hari 01 = Dumai - Bukittinggi (LD) Benteng hotel
Hari 02 = Bukittinggi-Batu Sangkar-B.Tinggi (BLD)
Hari 03 = Bukittinggi-Dumai (BLD) City hotel
Hari 04 = Dumai- Transfer pelabuhan (B)
Harga Pakej RM 399/org Minimum : 04 orang
Harga pakej termasuk : tour transfer ( kijangLGX) penginapan hotel/twin,sarapan pagi (B)
makan tengah hari (L) makan malam (D) cukai pelabuhan dumai,masuk tempat lawatan,

04 hari 03 malam Padang-Bukittinggi
Hari 01 = Padang-Bukittinggi (LD) Benteng hotel
Hari 02 = Bukittinggi-Batau Sangkar-B.Tinggi (BLD) Beneteng hotel**
Hari 03 = Bukittinggi-Tasik Maninjau-B.Tinggi (BLD)Benteng htl**
Hari 04 = Bukittinggi-Transfer airport (B) tour end
Harga Pakej RM 399/orang Minimum = 10 orang
Harga pakejtermasuk : tour transfer,03 mlm di bukittinggi/twin,sarapan pagi(B) makan mlm (D)
makan tengah hari(L) airport tax padang,pemandu pelancung,masuk tempat lawatan
welcome snack box,air mineral disediakan selama tour.

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