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06 di kuala lipis - Google Blog Search

06 di kuala lipis - Google Blog Search

RM130PERDAY Promoters : RM130++incentive, Female Promoter Needed <b>...</b>

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 10:12 AM PDT

URGENT! Female Promoter Needed from Pahang Area.

Working Date: 2,3,9 & 10th July
( 2 weekend parttime job)
Job Scope: Educate customer, promoting and selling only.
Job Details:
- We Need female Promoter
- All race welcome
- Working Time: 10-6pm, 1 hour break
- Uniform Provided
- Salary Perday: RM130perday++incentive

Working Location:
- Kuala Lipis, Pahang
- Karak Indah,Karak, Pahang
- Taman Perdana Raya, Karak, Pahang
- Jalan Besar, Maran, Pahang

If interested please send in your resume/ profile for candidates selection. Also, please include your full details, contact no, email add, living add, working experiences and photo attached.

Email: parttime.event@gmail.com

Mobile - Salary RM130PERDAY
Location Pahang- Kuala Lipis, Karak Indah, Taman Perdana Raya and Maran. Working Hours 10-6pm, 1 hour break
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Promoting, Selling and Educate customers about the product
Start Date 2,3,9,10th July
Duration 4 days
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