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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

Skatemalaysia: GOOD WIDOW RACE : <b>JANDA BAIK</b> RACE

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:20 AM PDT

Date: 23 July at 10:00 - 24 July at 16:30

Location: Janda Baik, / Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Pahang Malaysia

Feel free to invite people. all downhill enthusiasts are welcomed [bikes, inline, street luge, skates, longboard]

Registration is for FreeRide Sessions and Downhill SkateBoard Race.

FreeRide is for everyone however only registered riders are allowed to ride the hill. FreeRide session closes during race. Only Racers are allowed on the track. Safety Gear is mandatory.

Registration Fee: RM30 [meals and camping included]

*awesome SWAG for all registered participants*

First Prize Winner: RM100 cash + WheelLove Prize-Pack

First runner-up : RM50 cash + WheelLove Prize-Pack

Second Runner-up : WheelLove Prize-Pack

To register for the DownhillWeekend please send over the following details to / MalayaStreetBombers@gmail.​com





Discipline : [downhill skateboard, street luge, bike ,inline]

Interested in Race or FreeRide : [registration is for freeride / race]

board set up : [type, specs]

Safety Gear:

contact number and email :

EMERGENCY contact number :

**For racers under 16 please include a consent letter from your parents / guardian.

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zopogate - Downloadable Widow Movie

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 03:52 PM PDT

Widow movie download

Widow movie


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Future Force divx

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