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06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

Last Weekend at <b>Bukit Tinggi</b> | FYMSO Blog

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 06:42 AM PDT

Sufia has been traveling quite a lot for a 4 month old and so far, Alhamdulillah, I honestly think it can never go any smoother. She loves going places! This time we headed to Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale. PASB was having a Family Day and we just could not pass that up.

Day 1 : All dressed up for sight seeing! We first headed to Japanese Garden despite it was dark out and looked like it was going to rain.

Took a short drive just to the parking space. I wasn't informed that you have to actually walk to the garden. There I was, not knowing how steep the hill is to get up there. These baby fat just isn't ready to hike uphill. Tapi aku gagahi jua. It took quite a while but we managed to get up and grabbed a late lunch. Sufia slept all the way up. Good girl.

Day 2 : Sukaneka. I didn't participate in any event. MSO did and won us a few goodies! I was surprise Sufia slept through the screaming, cheering and loud music from amplifiers during the last few matches. I guess she was tired cheering for her abah.

And finally, the grand dinner. The theme of the night was polka dots. So we got ourselves dressed up in it and little did we know – we won! Well 2nd place, really. But who would've thought! Tough, Sufia wasn't looking too happy about it. Haha.

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