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06 di kuala lipis - Google Blog Search

Specialty Noodles & Roast Pork @ Restaurant <b>Kuala Lipis</b> Noodle <b>...</b>

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 04:33 PM PDT

Kuala Lipis Noodle is the latest restaurant to open at Sunway Mas, PJ. It is a family business and their specialties are none other than their self-made specialty noodle, roast pork and char siew.


The dark minced meat specialty noodle @ RM4 is nothing like I have eaten before. It looks like a thicker version of laksa noodle but it feels more dense, doesn't break off easily hence the more 'Q' texture. More importantly, it is free of preservatives, no additives and no funny alkaline taste – just a plain good ol' noodle. The non pretentious minced meat topping has a strong flavor with a hint of sweetness, which emits an inviting aroma when it is still hot.


But to be honest, the noodle is quite boring if eaten just with the minced meat alone. That's when the special chilli paste comes into play. The idea is to mix a generous amount of the chilli paste into the noodle like chilli pan mee and taste a world of difference. But just to clarify, the chilli paste is not THAT spicy that it chokes you, so it is quite tolerable for most people.


To make the noodle even better, have it together with their roast pork (RM16)! What is worth mentioning is that the boss learnt how to roast on his own and improvised based on family and friends' suggestions. So there are a couple of burnt spots here and there, which might be due to lack of experience but still manage to taste quite good. And you should also know that the roast pork here uses the very fatty pork belly, usually meant for char siew.
This style of roast pork is those juicy types that would melt in your mouth while it is still hot. Depending on your personal preference, you could either find them sinfully delicious or just an appetite turn off. As for me, I have to admit I am not that young anymore so indulgence in such food is more of a health concern to me rather than pleasure. Otherwise, I would have enjoyed it more with less reservations.


The char siew (RM16) is worth a mention but is not as great if compared to the roast pork, as it has a long way to go before reaching the standards of the heavyweights like Toast & Roast and Seapark's Flying Wantan Mee. Nonetheless, it is still better than many char siew out there that use dingy red food coloring.


The friendly and chirpy boss, happily chopping away his meat creations.


In short, order the minced meat noodle (enjoy it hot!), a small portion of roast pork (enjoy it hot too to feel it melt in your mouth) and mix them up with the special chilli paste (for the extra kick and level up in flavor) – you can hardly go wrong with this combo.

Restaurant Kuala Lipis Noodle
26-1, Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas, Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.183 E101 36.016
Business hours: Lunch only (11.30am onwards for roast/BBQ meats)

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