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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

Resort in <b>Janda Baik</b>, Pahang, Malaysia |

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:03 AM PST

Latest resort in Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia is now available. Elegantly designed in Tudor style by our late father, our family holiday home is located on a 3-acre land in Kampung Chemperoh, Janda Baik. Nestled in the mountain tops, one can experience the cool weather and beautiful natural landscape. Located only 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, it is our family's small heaven on earth.

The house, which is Tudor in design, was built by our late father in 1999. The house has 6 queen-sized bedrooms, 3 shared bathrooms, 1 single en-suite room with a bunk bed and a large master bedroom, which we have turned into a spa room.

The land is located at Sungai Chemperoh, named as one of the cleanest and best rivers in Janda Baik. The river flows right in front of the house and it is used as a source of water for our fish pond. The kids use it often for swimming.

In addition to this natural beauty, the house also has a tennis court, badminton court, fishing pond, a games room and a kids swimming pool. Areas for BBQ and tele-match games are also available.

For self-catering requirement, a fully fitted kitchen, dining and lounge areas are provided. For those who prefer to order food, catering services are also available upon request.

Details are at and at

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