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06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

Birding at <b>Bukit Tinggi</b> - March 2012

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 12:13 AM PDT

Bukit Tinggi is located about an hour's drive from KL. It has a slightly lower elevation than Fraser's Hill but certaintly not short of birds variety.
Some breathtaking views from above. On the way up we heard lots of birds' call notably pin-stripped tit babblers. We also saw a raptor - believed to be a changeable-hawk eagle perched on top of a lamp post.

This is a friendly Silver-Breasted Broadbill (Male). No wonder so many photographers are keen to go to this place.

Here is another shot of the Silver-Breasted Broadbill.

This one is the female Silver Breasted Broadbill wearing a thin necklace.
This one is another friendly bird - a Grey-Throated Babbler.

We went to a place where the Hill-Blue Flycatcher was said to frequent. Well we did not see the adult but saw a juvenile male instead. 

We also saw a Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrot (a female i think).
This is a Grey-Chinned Minivet (female) which has just caught an insect.

Nearby was this male Grey-Chinned Minivet.

This was the most interesting find - could this be a Long-Tailed Minivet (first summer male)?
This is a juvenile shrike which can also be found here.

This is a barbet partly hidden among the branches - could not id which type it belongs.

This is a noisy Streaked Spiderhunter.

Finally i was able to take this Grey-and-Buff Woodpecker photos - a rather small woodpecker at 14cm.

Could this be a Common Woodshrike? - found perched nearby at a nursery area.

This Sultan Tit had also make an appearance.

This Brown Barbet (male) concluded our birding trip at Bukit Tinggi.

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