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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

expeRience: Gunung Nuang via <b>Janda Baik</b> route

Posted: 02 Jun 2012 08:51 AM PDT

The team going to Mt. Kinabalu in Oct is having a scheduled training supposed to Gunung Datuk. Somehow a team going to Mulu, Miri in end Jun invited the team to Gunung Nuang via Janda Baik. 

Gunung Nuang is the highest mountain in Selangor and one can access it via Selangor, Pahang or Negeri Sembilan.

It was tempting to me to go, however, it was also quite crazy to climb Gunung Datuk the day before and Gunung Nuang. For Gunung Nuang has left me with memories of toughness. So, I was hesitating. And somehow I decided to go anyway being: 1. couldn't join the Gunung Nuang via Hulu Langat on 9 Jun, 2. challenge myself to summit, 3. stretch myself, 4. training

So, there were 2 groups of us. 1 from Seremban and the other from KL. For those from Seremban, we were told to meet at OK Tuck at Lobak at 5am. I picked Rachel Tan up at around 4.30am. Then, everyone car pool to KL. We use the route of Lekas highway link up to MRR (Middle Ring Road), then, to Janda Baik. 

We arrived at Genting Sempah R&R at around 7am. That's the meeting point for those from Seremban and KL. Pre-ordered nasi lemak was also being distributed out here. 

From here, it took about 30 minutes on a slow drive to the starting point. The entrance is not far away once you saw the ILMU building. It's quite easy, pretty much go straight all the way. It is not a big space for us to park our cars. So, some have to park quite far away. So, it is good to car pool. 
Upon counted the number of people as well as some short briefing, we started the trail at 8.30am. There were altogether 58 of us. And we also saw other groups on this route too. So, it is quite a busy trail. We were told that the climb would take about 4 hours to ascend and 3.5 hours to descend. We were told that turnaround time was at 1pm regardless.

Timeline was communicated via email earlier:

0800 Roll Call & Short Briefing.
0815 Start hike.
1200 Sweeper eta Summit
1230 Descend
1600 Sweeper eta Base
1700 Optional early dinner at the Janda Baik restaurants, opposite Selesa Homes

We have to cross the first stream. Most of us took our shoes and socks off. Some decided to just go through it. The first 20-30 minutes was slow incline with a lot of vegetation plants on both side. Some stretches are filled with tall weeds. Then, slowly it changed to muddy area with a lot of bamboo bushes. So, we have to bend, duck walk to proceed further. 


We came to the 2nd river crossing after walking for about 1 hour. Turning left is to summit, and detour by turning right (about 50m away) is a magnificent waterfall. Worrying that we will be slow, Rachel Tan and I agreed to continue the summit trail. 

It's not as wet once we passed the river, a little steep at certain part, some of the paths are not as clear, a lot of fallen trees, some we have to climb over, some required us to go under. 

I took the trail slowly so that I could enjoy the nature. :) 

It was not that difficult for me, but, I do having chocolates handy and keep replenishing myself with energy and drinks. 

After 2.5 hours, we saw a big rock. It's moss area after the rock. We met a few people on their way to descend, we were told it's 15-20 minutes away to the summit. Then, another big rock, where we have to pull ourselves up. There was a rope that we could use. 


And we came to a real horseback. It's a very narrow path where only 1 person can go through at a time, and it was steep drop on the left and right. Immediate after that, we need to think of way to pull ourselves up. So, ropes, roots, all sorts. 

I took 4 hours to summit (12.30pm). It was great view up there. My 3rd attempt of Gunung Nuang and 1st time summit of 1493m/ 4898ft. :) 
We started our descend after photos taking, lunch, rest at around 1.30pm. 

My boots was hurting me quite a bit, and I got tired towards the end. Also, slipped a few times as my toes were in pain. Once we were out of the bamboo area, it was scorching hot. Total exposure to the hot sun. (Got me more tanned). I took 3 hours to descend. And I did a small transaction in the bush for the 1st time. :D

This place does not really have facility to watch up, so, one has to think how to at least change and could utilise the water at the stream to clean up a bit. 

Overall, I think this is a good climb. Rachel Tan said, it's too easy climb. For me, maybe I have a climb the day before? Or, I am still weak or not as strong.. Still, I enjoyed it. :) 

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