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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

Mynn Lee: Back to Nature in <b>Janda Baik</b>

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 03:54 AM PDT

Time for another holiday!!! This weekend, I followed "The V Squad" to a simple Malay village in the state of Pahang, and just a stone's throw away from the capital city, Janda Baik. And before we headed off to our vacation, we stopped by our winner this week, Ridzuan's house to surprise... and bring him with us for the holiday! ^^
Ridzuan brought along his parents, his brother Firdaus and his baby brother Tarik along with him to Janda Baik. In his letter to us, he told us that his daddy is very busy and seldom brings them for a vacation... so this time, Ridzuan gets to spend time with daddy and the entire family will be able to enjoy a holiday together! Yay!!! ♥
Ridzuan is a true blue city boy, and so is Dayana and I... so we're gonna be experiencing life in the kampung together. We're staying at the Saujana Janda Baik, nestled in rich soothing greenery and tucked in a little corner of Janda Baik. It is family-owned and is a 100% halal premise; non-halal items like alcohol and pork are not allowed to be brought in by guests. The Saujana Janda baik features two fully furnished Guest Houses; and can accommodate from 10-20 people in a roomless, open-house concept. It's perfect for large groups of family and friends!
The place is absolutely breathtaking. Just being there, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and reconnected. It's just wonderful being in this peaceful and quiet village setting; complete with a wide open space to run about and play games, a hill as its backdrop and a pretty little river running by.
The river is called the Chemperoh River and we spent the afternoon dipping our feet in the crystal clear and cooling waters, and tubing down the river!
Towards the evening, we went on to do our next kampung activity, fishing! There is small little man-made lake in the vicinity, where the owners rare fishes... and we were allowed to try and catch 'em. There were a few us and only two fishing rods; but we made do by using sticks and strings to make our own! ^^ The fishes in the pond are extremely small so we made it a point to catch and throw them back.
Ridzuan and Firdaus have never fished before, and the expressions on their faces when they made their first catch... PRICELESS! They were hooked!

Since Saujana Janda Baik has such a wide open space, we just had to make use of it! We played badminton, kicked some footballs around and I even tried pushing Dayana around in a wheelbarrow. I felt like I was in a farm like those in Enid Blyton's books. It was so much fun just doing simple things to pass our time. No gadgets, no video games, no phones, no computers, no internet to distract us! *wink*

We had a pretty relaxing time for the first day of our weekend holiday.

On the second day, we headed out of Janda Baik, further into the Pahang state. We were going to visit some animals!

Our first stop for the day was at the Deerland Park in Lanchang. Time to learn a little bit more about deers. They've got the Javan deers, the Sika deers, the Sambar deers and of course the smaller ones like the Kancils. We were able to get up close and personal with them and even feed them inside their cages! ^^

Feeding the deers outside their cages was pretty okay, all they could do was just stand on their hind legs and try to grab it off our fingers... but once we got inside, it got a little terrifying! The deers may seem docile, but hold a basket of sweet potato strips and they come charging!!! One even bit on Dayana's pink shirt because she ran out of food! It probably thought it was candyfloss or something. LOL

Dayana and I were really sissy about being amongst the deers; screaming and trying to hide behind each other. The worse part was that our director made us do an introduction shoot right in the middle of all those deers.... so we sucked it up, delivered, and when he yelled cut; we went back to being all sissy! What a daunting experience... >.<

The Deerland Park might be called a deer park, but it's filled with other animals as well, like birds, snakes, rabbits and cats. The park ranger brought us for a tour around the park that is built within a natural rainforest and introduced us to its inhabitants.

My favourite part of the tour? Feeding the cute adorable rabbits! ♥

Final destination for the day, the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre. This elephant sanctuary is a home for the abandoned and orphaned Malaysian elephants... and is opened to the public. There is no admission fee, but of course donation is high appreciated; especially in terms of money and milk for the elephants.
I was rather surprised when I got to the sanctuary... I didn't about the place until I came here with "The V Squad". It is a complete center for the rehabilitation and protection of this endangered species... and visitors can take part in several activities involving the elephants like elephant shows, feeding, riding and bathing.

The only other time I have ever ridden on an elephant was when I was in Thailand. They had seats tied onto the elephants and we were brought up a hill. However, here at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Center, it was a freestyle ride with the trainer. No harness, no seats, no form of protection to keep us in place! We just had to hold on to each other for dear life as we were taken for one round around a small circle. I guess that's how they do it "kampung" style!

Some of the visitors also opted to bathe the elephants in the river... Ridzuan, Firdaus, Dayana and I refused to get into the river after we saw one of the elephants shit in it!!! Ewwwww... we actually saw that piece of shit float around the river together with the participants.

I know it's only natural and throughout the centuries, it's always been that way... be it animals or humans; but I would have rather not seen it. *cringe*

Last day of our vacation. Before we embarked on our 1 hour ride back to Kuala Lumpur, we decided to make a quick climb up the hill behind the Saujana Janda Baik. It was quite a climb, but the view from the top made it all worth it! Beautiful greenery sprawling across the vast land, and we could even see the spine of Semenanjung Malaysia, the Banjaran Titiwangsa from afar.

Director said, "Let's not waste the opportunity, let's do a shoot right here"... so that's what we did! ^^

And on the way down that hill; I slipped, slid down the hill, and cut my hand on a bamboo pole. Went home with a bandaged hand. *sob*

Janda Baik may not seem like a typical holiday destination; but being a person who loves scenery and nature... it was wonderful. A great place for a quick runaway from the hectic city life to feast our eyes on such natural beauty.

And it's time for another goodbye. Every week I meet new little kiddos, I get to know them, I fall in love with them, and then I have to say goodbye to them. It's so bittersweet. I absolutely adore the three boys who came on vacation with us this weekend; Ridzuan, Firdaus and their super-adorable-and-cute-and-I-want-to-pinch baby brother, Tarik.

During farewell, everyone got hugs! ♥

If you are between the ages of 7-12 and wanna join "The V Squad" for a holiday, send us a letter and tell us why you deserve a vacation:-

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Or send us an email:-

Also, don't forget to visit our Facebook page at and catch "The V Squad" every Sunday 12.30pm on ntv7! ♥ Camping <b>Di Janda Baik</b>: Entry Last (Gambar)

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 08:14 PM PDT

Ok la ini entry last kisah janda yang baik, lepas ni tak de dah nak cakap pasal janda.. Siapa yang tak tahu cerita asal entry ni boleh la klik kat sini..  Yaaa mari karaoke sampai bengkak.. petang sampai ke malam menyumbangkan lagu kepada pokok pokok unggas dan mergastua.. ewah ewah kak Muliza ayu beno suara dia, tak boleh halus lagi ke kak suara tu hahaha.. marah kak muliza nanti, next camping tak nak dah masak.. Tengok, kak Sally je tak menganga..yang lain haiiyooo, macam nak baling kacang cap pagoda je masuk dalam mulut sorang sorang, eh aku jangan.. melayan perasaan, feeling feeling bougainvillea.. bakat baru telah dicungkil malam tu.. tak sangka ramai yang ada potensi tuk jadi retis.. boleh pegi jauh sejauh jauhnya sampai tak nampak.. Time orang berkarok, ada beberapa orang dok sebok melantak hahahaha.. penat acara team building mengkali bak kata en zahrin hehehe.. ha! kak Busrah, tak makan kambing la sangat kan hehehe.. kambing tak bau kan.. Best aktiviti macam ni sebab ramai yang helpful.. sedia membantu bekerjasama macam wonder pet.. tolong dirikan khemah, tolong masak, tolong angkat barang, tolong tengok, tolong makan.. sikap tolong menolong itu ada di mana mana.. Ada orang tu sejuk sejuk mandi sungai pepagi naik ke daratan terus melantak eskrim kan.. ada pakcik datang jual eskrim.. pandai betol pakcik tu, tau tau je dia kitaorang ni kuat makan.. Aisemen.. anak buluh betong yang kacak... ada gaya gak aku jadi model kan hehehe.. sila la muntah hijau kalau nak.. uwekk!! Meratah kambing mmmbeeekkkk.. macam haiwan karnivor dah budak ni aku tengok.. Sambil sambil tunggu yang lain siapkan makanan ada pulak yang baring baring bajet "cantek kah kau!!".. Radh dan Faathir pulak sambung lawan tutup botol daripada semalam.. serius aku tak reti dan tak pernah main game tu.. zaman aku kanak kanak rebina masa kat sabah tak pernah pulak jumpa game tutup botol.. Oh my oh my.. mak hayam kat belakang dua orang.. diva uolzzz.. posing maut giteew!! macam retis nak masok melodi hahaha.. Otw balik sempat singgah bantai durian kat tepi jalan.. boleh tak durian dia lagi mahal daripada kat KL.. tak pe la, singgah ramai ramai sebagai aktiviti penutup tuk camping kitaorang.. ohsem!!

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