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Posted: 26 Jun 2012 04:34 PM PDT


This will be the 2nd day AzamHashim Photography berkampung di Raub, Pahang. It is the day of the reception for the newly wed, Fekri & Azie. The weather looks good eventually and I am happy when I looked up at the sky. Beautiful. The theme color of their reception is green. I think it's fit for this occasion and it looks good in photo too. Great choice, kudos to the pengantin! hehe. So, here are the photos that I managed to document during my day at Fekri and Azie's reception. Enjoy!

fekaziesanding12_02 fekaziesanding12_03

fekaziesanding12_04 fekaziesanding12_05 fekaziesanding12_06

fekaziesanding12_07 fekaziesanding12_08

fekaziesanding12_09 fekaziesanding12_10 fekaziesanding12_11

fekaziesanding12_12 fekaziesanding12_13

fekaziesanding12_14 fekaziesanding12_15 fekaziesanding12_16

fekaziesanding12_17 fekaziesanding12_18 fekaziesanding12_19

fekaziesanding12_20 fekaziesanding12_21 fekaziesanding12_22

fekaziesanding12_23 fekaziesanding12_24 fekaziesanding12_25

fekaziesanding12_26 fekaziesanding12_27

fekaziesanding12_28 fekaziesanding12_29

fekaziesanding12_30 fekaziesanding12_31

fekaziesanding12_32 fekaziesanding12_33

fekaziesanding12_34 fekaziesanding12_35

fekaziesanding12_36 fekaziesanding12_37 fekaziesanding12_38

fekaziesanding12_39 fekaziesanding12_40

fekaziesanding12_41 fekaziesanding12_42

fekaziesanding12_43 fekaziesanding12_44 fekaziesanding12_45

fekaziesanding12_46 fekaziesanding12_47 fekaziesanding12_48

fekaziesanding12_49 fekaziesanding12_50

fekaziesanding12_51 fekaziesanding12_52

fekaziesanding12_53 fekaziesanding12_54

fekaziesanding12_55 fekaziesanding12_56

fekaziesanding12_57 fekaziesanding12_58

The next entry would be the favorite thing to look up in a wedding photo I supposed. The portraiture session with posing involve. Hehe. See you in the next entry, my job as Raub wedding photographer have not yet come to an end. hehe


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