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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 14 Jul 2012 12:00 AM PDT

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That Birthday Weekend Trip To <b>Janda Baik</b> ~ Fie-nuts | The Travel Bug

Posted: 14 Jul 2012 09:09 AM PDT

This is the weekend where I aged a year older and wiser (I hope).

I had such an incredible three-two birthday which was started with the a road trip to Janda Baik with my loved ones. At first we had 3 options of places to go to which were the  Air Panas Resort in Rembau, Sunway Lagoon or Janda Baik. After realizing that us girls did not bring any swimsuit or proper water theme park wear, we decided to head down to Janda Baik.

It was only an hours' journey from the MRR2 Highway heading towards Genting Highlands. Once we saw the McDonalds and the rest stop, we knew that we would be at our destination soon. From the McDonalds, we took a left to go into Janda Baik and drove for another 30 minutes up the curvy road into the highlands.

Janda Baiks' location is not as high as Genting Highlands but high enough to feel the cool breeze and wind. The ancienct forest shaded us from the sun giving us plenty of sunshade during our drive up. While JC drove, I gazed out the window which was now filled with shades of greens and blues from the forest.

Once we reached the top, we saw a signboard with more than 10 different chalets, resorts, homestays in the area and couldn't figure out the one we wanted to go to. We continued driving up and stopping along the way to see whether the location jogged our memory.

We didn't find it of course but we did find a much better alternative place.

We managed to find it and for the benefit of myself and everyone else, I need to write down the name of the place so that we can come here again next time. The place that we decided to stop at for a splish splash of water was called Hawa Resort which has a row of chalets by the stream. You could either rent these chalets for day use or you could park yourself along the stream and pay for the space in their area. We were lucky because no one actually came to check on us or asking us to pay.

The stream was a little cold and when our feet actually dipped into it, I could feel a tinge of shiver crawling up to my back and into my head. I walked a little more into the deeper part of the water and started wading my arms. That seem to make my body temperature rise a little bit making the water feels just nice. I wasn't shivering anymore. A group of family was happily barbequing chicken and having their lunch.

We waded a bit more and found a nice solid rock on a slippery slope and rested our backs against it. Waves of water gushed from behind, spilling downwards creating jacuzzi like bubbles. It felt really good. I couldn't get a photo of this though because my camera was not waterproofed. I'm sure with a little bit of imagination you would understand how it was like. Or perhaps it would be better for you to come down here and enjoy a little bit of water on your own.

After staying for an hour in the outdoor open jacuzzi (a cold version that is), it started to drizzle so we quickly changed our clothes in the car, with the windows covered up with towels and other contraptions. JC brought some bread and a can of tuna so we got those out and started whipping a tuna sandwich after another with his kind assistant SS.
We actually finished the entire loaf of bread because we were so hungry.
It was a good drive out of town for just a quick dip on a great day. Thank you for making it a wonderful birthday and for bringing me to Janda Baik.

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