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06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

Perfectly Imperfectly Perfect: Mission Trip @ <b>Bukit Tinggi</b> - Day 1

Posted: 28 Nov 2012 04:18 AM PST

Gotta say how awesome this trip have been!
Ee Laine was asking me to go, part of me felt half-hearted to go since I love 'holidays' and i feel that i should spend my holidays in bed.
But, after that I agreed to go, thinking that they need the support and the helping hand.
Never did I thought that, I would be enjoying myself so much!
It's like... I will surely regret if I did not bother going at all!
We have our breakfast early that morning, and left to Pahang using Karak Highway
Havn't been using Karak Highway for such a long time already since I havn't been going back Bentong ahaha
Once we reach there, we went around the school to explore and to plan treasure hunt.
Fall in love with the beautiful green wide field
Even though it was really hot, but I tell you it's nothing like like in Selangor.
The sun was not piercing at all!
We also went around the playgound to play, felt really like kids there,
saw so many student's work and made me miss Lick Hung a little.
Those were the days where we have to write the 'vocabulary' for a few rows
And canteen are in benches, and there's divider to ensure students line up.
Gotta be a kid to teach a kid, in other words, bringing down the level and seeing things at their perspective.
I'm like one of the oldest there and I feel so young being with this bunch of young and energetic ones.
You'd be amaze of all the crazy ideas they can think of,
probably my brain is too rusty from all the plannings already ahahhaha
After exploring the school, we went back to the chapel and wait for the time to past as we watch the kids do their activity.
I was worried about how we're suppose to teach the kids, they are super-hyper okay!
They don't play with iPads/iPhones like Subang kids, they play with EVERYTHING they can get their hands on! 
After lunch, we start with ice-breakers and the 'teachers aka us' played along with them
Love it when my managing style suit them as well, 
hahha, kids are kids.... though they are different, yet they are same.
Then our station games start! This is my station whereby they got to move the pingpong ball by blowing with their mouth.
Most of the games are taken from the many experience during my whole life serving in youth/church.
Glad to recycle these ideas and bring joy to the kids
We had a really long day, but an enjoyable one!
we didn't even get to bathe before the night's activities,
There isn't any activity that we should do at night actually,
but the organizer asked us to take over the night that is 3 hours long.
we filled it up with spontaneous games we can think of. ahahhaha
but for more pictures, you can view here

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