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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

BLOG PAHANG: 06 <b>di janda baik</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 31 Oct 2012 11:28 PM PDT

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BLOG PAHANG: 06 <b>di janda baik</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 30 Oct 2012 11:41 PM PDT

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BLOG PAHANG: 06 <b>di janda baik</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 29 Oct 2012 11:37 PM PDT

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<b>Janda Baik</b> Pahang: Avillion Private Collection

Posted: 29 Oct 2012 12:30 AM PDT

Dreams, Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia.
Recently I made a trip to a truly luxurious destination, Idaman, a villa hidden away in the rain forest above Janda Baik, that's just 35 kms from Kuala Lumpur.  If you are unfamiliar with this location, it's towards Kuantan, not far after the exit for the Genting Highlands.  The village has a little fruit and vegetable market that's a popular stop for people traveling along the Karak Highway.  Up in the hills behind the village, you'll find Tanarimba, a gated community set in over 700 acres of rainforest.  One fifth of the area has been chosen for low-density development with an Eco-sensitive philosophy, while the remaining 500 acres is being maintained as a forest reserve.  

After driving through the guarded entrance to Tanarimba, we climbed for about 15 minutes, passing paved roads but very few houses.  When we arrived at Idaman, my first thought was that it was massive, and my second was to note the wonderful peacefulness of the place.  We were greeted by the charming hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Yap, who went out of their way to make sure that all our needs were met.  We were then given a tour of the house, starting with the imposing entrance hall.

Climbing just a few steps, we entered the master bedroom, and when I released that I would be sleeping here, I was thrilled.  My room had a king-sized bed with sliding glass doors opening onto a huge balcony.  The house, which sleeps 10, is built on multiple levels, and my room was almost at the top. 

I felt as if I was floating amongst the treetops, looking over on a magnificent view of the jungle stretching way down below then on up to the mountainside beyond. 

The walk-in closet was huge and the bathroom was even bigger, with a rain shower, a large Jacuzzi, two sinks and a bidet along with the WC.

In addition to the main door to the bedroom, there was a back entrance that led to a spiral staircase: up to the highest spot in the house, the office, and down to the main living room.  This room was generously furnished with three couches, two armchairs and lots of cushions grouped around a large coffee table.

Two of the bedrooms were off the living room, one with a queen-sized bed and one with bunk beds, and they shared a bathroom.  Going down to the lowest level gave access to the basement lounge, and two more bedrooms, both with queen beds and a shared bathroom.

The dining room and fully-equipped kitchen were on an in-between level and there was a pretty garden in the very center of the house.   On the level below there was an open-air lanai with dining table, lovely for an al fresco meal.

A little further down was the swimming pool, which beckoned enticingly from the landscaped garden, and I couldn't resist wandering to the tree house, an inspired addition that is perfect for a children's playhouse, a quiet read, or for my favorite choice, a nap.

Mrs. Yap is from Thailand, and she delighted us with a Thai meal for dinner: Tom Yam Gung, Som Tam (papaya salad), Thai style Red Snapper, Chicken in Pandan, Kailan and Mixed Vegetables served with rice, all very tasty and delicious.  So much excellent food and fresh air made me somnolent.  It wasn't long before I retired to bed with a good book so that I could relish a little quiet solitude before sleeping.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, the tall trees of the surrounding jungle were silhouetted against a red sky.  It was just before dawn, and the birds of the Montana forest were whistling and warbling to welcome another day.  Who could sleep amid such beauty?  I moved to the daybed on my balcony to welcome the rising sun.  Then I made a quick coffee, and went out for a meander up the hill.  I stayed on the road, but there are numerous trails within the nature reserve, which would be fun to explore.

A Western breakfast was served and the morning passed all too quickly.  We drove into Janda Baik for lunch, and I discovered why so many people stop there to pick up fresh produce.  I bought passion fruit at a fraction of the price I'd pay in KL.  Back at the house there was still time for a swim and a read, but inevitably it was time to leave.  I must admit that it was difficult to tear myself away.

Idaman is filled with beautiful collector's items - sculptures, woodcarvings, original paintings and plenty of books.  It's the perfect escape from the city, a haven in which to relax and gain nourishment for the soul.  It gives new meaning to the words, "luxury tropical retreat", and the memories of my room in the treetops will lull me to sleep for many nights to come.

Reason to visit:  to luxuriate in an exclusive rainforest villa that's within an hour's drive of Kuala Lumpur.

This villa belongs to the Avillion Private Collection, an exclusive group of rental properties that typically exceed expectations.  The rental of Idaman is being offered at a special price of RM2,200++ a night for a limited time only, which includes breakfast.  Other meals are available upon request. 

For further information and reservations, call 603-2730-9988 or visit the Avillion.

Dee: Mandi-Mandi <b>Di Janda Baik</b>

Posted: 01 Nov 2012 06:00 PM PDT

Lepas je check in..kitorang ronda satu kampung nak cari the best place nak mandi.  Actually ada waterfall, tapi kena jalan ke dalam sedikit jalan kaki.  Unfortunately jalan nak masuk ke waterfall tu adalah sangat lecak.  So, kitorang lepak kat Santai Riverside je.  

Air kat sini tak begitu dalam, sesuailah untuk anak2 mandi.  Tapi anak2 saya agak takut sbb banyak batu dan licin.  Lagipun dorang rasa tak feel sbb xleh nak terjun tiruk sangat.  Tapi airnya..perggh...sejuk betul.
Ambik kesempatan membuang segala kulit2 mati dengan menggosokkan batu sungai ke kaki2 yang kematu..hihihi.  Suka pic ni sebenarnya.  Ada puteri tengah bersiram..hahaha.  Kitorang mandi tak lama sebab langit dah nampak mendung.  Saya mmg takut kalau ada air pasang.  
Tips utk uol..kalau langit gelap di bahagian hulu sungai, better korang beredar dari sungai walaupun cuaca masih cerah di tempat korang mandi.  Sebab fenomena air pasang ni xleh jangka.  Sekali datang abis disapunya.  Macam kejadian kat Ulu Bendul dulu.  Kat tepi2 ni adalah gazebo, chalet segala.  Sapa2 yang minat nak camping bolehlah juga book kat Santai Riverside.  Pamphlet yang owner Santai Riverside bagi pada saya tertinggal pula dalam kereta kawan.  Dengan baju basah2 tu kitorang balik ke hotel.
Sampai je hotel, terus terjun swimming pool.  Yang ni anak2 saya mmg sukalah.  Sebab boleh terjun tiruk segala.

Mamanya tak abis2 posing..hihihi.  Kolam orang dewasa taklah dalam sangat.  Ada sampai leher saya kot.

Mmg best dapat istirehat kat tepi pool.  Oh ye, cuaca xdelah sejuk pun...matahari memancar terang tapi kalau dekat sungai tu mmg segar jelah rasa.  Keesokan harinya cuaca mmg best..berangin2..mmg rasa fresh sgt.

Sambil membaca novel yang beli bertahun-tahun dulu..entah bila nak abis.  Cuma pesanan saya, make sure ada orang monitor anak2 mandi.  Adalah mak orang ni duduk sebelah saya santai2.  Anak2 saya kat dalam pool kanak2 so xdelah nak worry sangat.  Sambil baca sambil saya tengok2 dorang..jeling2 dorang.  Anak dia dalam pool orang dewasa dengan pelampung.  Dia boleh duduk relax je  tengok dari jauh.  
Tetiba dia berlari.  Saya tengok anak dia dh nak lemas.  Mujur ada orang dewasa yang bersantai2 tepi pool sambil merendamkan kaki berada dekat dengan anak dia.  Terus dicapainya.  Termengah2 lah budak tu.  Mujur tak lemas.  Kadang2 ada sesetengah parents ni mmg amik mudah keselamatan anak2.  Kalau nak biarkan anak2 mandi di kolam dewasa dengan pelampung make sure kita pun masuk sekali dengan dorang.  Yelah budak2 ni pandai buka jaket sendiri, keluar dari pelampung sendiri.  Mujur takde apa2.
Khas untuk mereka2 yang nak cari resort depan sungai.  Ni depan D'Ark Resort.  Yang warna gelap tu dalam tau.  Saya tengok ada orang dewasa masuk paras dada.  So, kalau nak mandi sini make sure anak2 dalam pengawasan uol jugak ye.  Yang sebelah awek baju merah bertenggek atas batu tu ok sketlah x dalam sangat.
Yang betul2 depan pagar resort tu sungai dia agak cetek tp banyak batu.  Tapi kat sini mmg byk chalet.  Pilihlah dari yang murah sampai yang mahal.  Geng..kita sewa sini nak satu malam..sambil2 berBBQ..sure best kan.  Janda Baik mmg tempat yang sesuai untuk bersantai..tak sampai sejam pun dari KL. Exit Genting Sempah je.  Jom Cuti2 Malaysia!

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