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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

BLOG PAHANG: 06 <b>di janda baik</b> - Google Blog Search

Posted: 19 Jan 2013 11:39 PM PST

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The <b>Janda Baik</b> BH Progress - Swiftlet Farming

Posted: 19 Jan 2013 05:16 AM PST

If the sound system was not hit by lightning the Janda Baik BH would have at least 5 nests.

I received an urgent call by the owner and his main problem was not able to reset the Hager timers.

After putting his BH into operation mode he was so busy and never came to inspect the BH.

Only after two to three months came in and received complaints about the sound being played at odd hours.

He quickly call for my help.

When a person is in trouble and no one to look up to they know how to find some one to come over.

I wanted to know how the BH was doing.

Quickly responded to his call and drop by his BH.

I took less than 30 minutes to reset the Hager timer.

Tough him how to reset and he was happy that I was there.

Inside the BH I saw a number of bird shit spots on the floor.  They were quite thick however most of them were below those external sound tweeters.

I told the owner that it was very unusual to see only shit below the external sound tweeters.  Usually once the external sound is switched off they will move to the internal sound tweeters.

Again we need to remember that the sounds timing went out and playing at night.

This might be the possible reason.

After resetting the timer and change the old sound to something new those swiftlet started to show their present.

Most that turns up flew straight into the entrance window.

I was the smile on the owner face and told him that it was all set up.

He knows that I was there for him and I did my best to get his BH back to its real life.

Best of luck to him and hope will come again to clean up those planks that seems to be attacked by fungus.

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