Bukit Tinggi. A place so close to my current home of Bengkulu but so far different it almost looks like another world. The emphatic Jurassic feeling that comes from this part of the world truly hits you in the face. The jungle feels like it is reaching out and rebelling against the "progress" of the human race in this part of the world. The roads once newly paved are falling away by the cliffs and the arms of the jungle stretch out across the woven path of man.

Bukit Tinggi is a naturally magnificent place and the people have also found a rightful home in the foothills and mountainsides surrounding the vast beauty. The mountains are often clouded in and are magnificently large and bear over the people like older brothers might do for younger siblings.

The population in parts still resemble the days of the human race where people only sought what they needed. The surrounding crops are often small and planted by one family. Life is simple and not cluttered with modern day complications.

A lot about Bukit Tinggi reminded me of New Zealand. The night air turns cool nestled in amongst the surrounding mountains and the land is laced with beautiful flowing rivers and many waterfalls.

My trip this time around was only a short one, but now I have the lay of the land I look forward to returning to capture more of this true Beauty.