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06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

〜Rachie: This & That : Fam Day at <b>Bukit Tinggi</b>

Posted: 27 Jul 2013 08:58 AM PDT

Bee-do bee-doo bee-do!!! Annyeong everyone, Rachie is back lol ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
A week since I'm done with my finals, last semester in my degree life.
Everyone please pray for me that I'm fine with all the papers! (☆_☆)
Enough of degree life, I don't hate the life of student lol but if I must be a student, another level please.

Cut the crap of student's life, what I can do now is nothing but to enjoy holidays.
So yeapppp, family day again, together with relatives this time, around Bukit Tinggi, Bentung.

So paiseh (literally a bit embarrassed) to say that, this is my first time here hahaha!
Even my friends from other country went lollll, it shows that I'm not really a patriotic person?
Nahhhh, I just don't get the chance to visit this place that everyone is talk about.
Sorry to say so but before I talk about this place, I can only tell you, IT'S OVERRATED plus run down.
Just another ordinary family day trip with the OH family as usual~
Missing Lynn so much cause I'm the only girl this time *sigh*
Plus, I always have trouble taking nice photos of myself lol.. *double sigh*

I missed all the lovelies! Reminds me so much of the Taiwan trip.
It's been 7 months, omo how time flies.. Ohh anyway, I'm still not done with all the videos LOL.
Please spare me sometime, I just got the 3rd part done last night..
Not too bad, I got it done in a day man.. Round of applause? Lollll.
Sharing it later on, subscribe to mahhhh channel if you like it. *lol what's w the hip hop accent*
Back to Colmar Tropicale.. Hmm I personally really think its a waste of time to go there lol.
I tagged along for the sake of taking photos.. Well if you know me, you'll know I'm into scenery shots.

Oh speaking about the cafes there.. It's really ridiculous to me hahaha..
We did not dine at any cafes there but I do peep on their menu when I passed by.
A bowl of prawn mee - RM19 versus a plate of chicken chop with extra 50cents only.
By logic & common sense, surmise everyone would walk to the western cuisine cafe? Tsk~
                                                                Video from Instagram when I was at the 3rd floor

Yeaaaa so basically Colmar Tropicale or better known French Village is that bored lol.
Oh and they actually have performance like every 3 hours during weekends & public holidays.
I reckon its a group of people from China cause Malaysians won't perform things like acrobatics haha :P
Dropped by Japanese Culture Garden and looked for their so called Japanese tea lol.
Apparently it's all very very very infinite times run down lolololol.
They still have the place where people could rent their Japanese traditional outfit for photo purpose.
RM20 if I am not wrong but lol ewww look at the environment, it is so not Japanese, so skip.
Spa and suite are also available closed down now.. Guess what's the price for these service?
I peeped at the price list of the spa service.. RM400 is the least on the list, 1.5hrs of massage.
LOL SERIOUSLY.. Who the heck would pay this price? All the way here for a RM400 massage.
Not forgetting if those foreigners that are over night at the suite beside lol imagine the price.

The only way to increase your own photo.
Selfie all the way hahahaha :P
That's one of the cons of being a photographer.

Now this reminds me of the trip in Taiwan.
I take selfie like 24/7 hahahaha.
Or not I'll have my lovely sui po to take for me :)

I craved for Dak Gei's Claypot Prawn Glass Noodles badly but couldn't fix that cravings.
Family were tired to go all the way to Gohtong Jaya lol.. Mehhhh okay it's out of the route.
Should prolly pull the lovelies to get up the hill again soon hahaha~
Oh and since Genting Theme Park is gonna close for 2 years, shall just go and loiter around then.

Eating clean is so hard after having a break from it for one month plus.
I can do this.. I will and must achieve this.. ^___^

I felt lonely inside out, I know I missed you.

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