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06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search

06 di janda baik - Google Blog Search


Posted: 15 Aug 2013 02:41 AM PDT

A total of 80 kids of Sugam Karnatica's Sugam Sunday School gathered excitedly at 8.00 a.m on 28th July 2013 at the Taman Jaya carpark to make our way to the Hare Krishna Goshala (cow-farm) located at Janda Baik, Pahang. The kids, accompanied by facilitators of Sugam Karnatica and parents boarded 2 buses which had been chartered to take us there.

The bus left at 8.30am and we reached Janda Baik at about 10.00 a.m. The bus had to stop along the mainroad and we had to walk along a narrow road for about 1 kilometres before we reached the farm.

When we reached, we were briefed by Goloka Prabhu of ISKCON Malaysia, which is the body that runs and operates the farm. We also had a short video presentation and briefing by Goloka Prabhu, where he explained how an entire community lived on a farm in Hungary. The video showed us how the people there live with natural resources, yet they are fully equipped with all facilities such as schools and other amenities.

After that, we joined in a bhajan chanting session led by the devotees of ISKCON Malaysia. During the bhajan, we were treated to 'Bliss Bars' – sweet white and brown chocolate bars made from pure unadulterated cow's milk! Yummy!

Soon after, it was time to bathe and feed the cows. The group was broken into two and took turns bathing and feeding the cows. We used a hose to spray water on the cows and brushes to brush their coats.

As for feeding, the cows were fed with grass and brown sugar, which they truly relished! It was fun feeding the cows, especially feeling the rough surface of the cow's tongue on our palms. An experience to remember!

The children also took the opportunity to stroke and pet the cows. It was a wonderful hands-on experience for all the kids, and for most of them, this was the first time in contact with a real life cow.

By noon, everyone was exhausted and hungry and treated to wonderful prasada.

Then it was time for some pop quiz. Many students were successful in answering the questions posed and won Krishna and Shiva masks!

This was followed by a presentation of cheque of RM1000 to the Hare Krishna Goshala, contributed by all Sugam Sunday School students. Very soon, it was time to say goodbye to the cows and the lovely people at the Hare Krishna farm, but not before we had a round of extremely yummy fresh ice cream made from cow's milk in various flavours – strawberry, green apple and chocolate. All in all, we had a fun and enjoyable time while learning more about Mother Cow.

Thank you Sugam Sunday School and ISKCON Malaysia! Till the next field trip! Hare Krishna!

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