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06 di mentakab - Google Blog Search

06 di mentakab - Google Blog Search

<b>Mentakab</b> Star Mall & Homestay UmarKashah ~ Jom menginap <b>...</b>

Posted: 16 Sep 2013 09:03 PM PDT

Star Mall Mentakab terletak lebih kurang 8km dari Homestay UmarKashah Temerloh. Located in Taman Rimba, Star Mall Mentakab consists of a three storey with two lower ground basement shopping complex and 168 units of two storey shop, linked by sky bridge to the shopping complex itself.

 Lower Ground Floor (LG)
Food Court,, Some Mentakab local retailers

Ground Floor (GF)
Pacific Superstore, McDonald's, Sushi King, Kenng Rogers, Big Apple, Bread Story, Hong Kong Char Chan Tank, Pizza Hut, KFC, Tutti Frutti, Little Taiwan, Caring Pharmacy, The Orginal Shop, Tomei Jewelry, Bolton Optical, Fotokem, Time Galarie, OK Optical, Eu Yan Sang, KEMC Jewelry, Habib Jewelry, Noodle Station, Chicken Rice Delight, Shabu Shabu, Watsons, RHB, Hot & Roll, Shilin, Takashima, Ogawa, Aussino, Chatime, 1901

First Floor (FF)
Pacific Departmental Store, Popular, Anakku, Sox World, TF Hair Beauty, Vincci, Le Boutique, PDI, Hush Puppies, First Lady, Pets' More, 101 Haircare, Brands Outlet, Slimming Saloon, Li Ning, Al-Ikhsan, Adidas, RSH, Bata, Renes, Azze Fashion, Tropicana Life, The Face Shop, SASA, Etude House, Converse, Everlast, Vern's, Pink Lady, Bras & Things, Giordano, Scholl, XES, Mom's Care, RA Fashion

Second Floor (SF)
Golden Screen Cinema (GSC), IT Hyperstore, Capcom Station, IT City, Mega Electrical, Song Box (Karaoke), Bowling Court (30 lanes), CSL, Sony Ericsson, PM Communication, APEX, AOE, Uncle Ali CafĂ©, Each A Cup, Ayam Ria, Living Cabin, Speed ​​Marketing, Fresh Geaf, The One Group, Daily News, Tokutokuya.

GSC Mentakab Star Mall equipped with 6-screens, seating capacity of around 1,000 seats. The 6-screen multiplex will be located in 2nd floor of Mentakab Star Mall, strategically located in Mentakab Star City ("MSC"), 2km from Mentakab town centre.

GSC Lite denotes GSC's cinema entertainment magic set in a lighter, modest and accessible manner to cater to the smaller market centres without sacrificing the effects of big screen and digital sound similar to those offered at GSC cinemas.This approach allows GSC's customers to enjoy the cinema-going experience at competitive prices.

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