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06 di beserah - Google Blog Search

06 di beserah - Google Blog Search

Kalimah Allah <b>di</b> Pantai <b>Beserah</b>, Kuantan 2008 | Flickr - Photo <b>...</b>

Posted: 17 Apr 2008 12:00 AM PDT

Believe it or not, this astonishing clouds formation actually spells "Allah" and being written in Arabic letter; the letter by which the Al-Quran is written.

"Allah" is the name of Almighty God in Islam religion.

This type of formation not just happens by the formation of cloud, but frequently reported and found in the essence of fruits and meats, on the surface of living animal skin, formed by the plant roots and ocean waves, written inside the jades and stones and found almost anywhere on earth, performed by the architecture of nature.

To see more of this formation, type 'KALIMAH ALLAH' (which means 'Allah words') at the google or yahoo 'image' search engine.

Please ignore the man made symbol but have wonder to one which is naturally made by nature.

I am lucky to have taken this and beside photo (at Putrajaya), for my personal experience and collection of the Almighty wonders.



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