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06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

06 di bukit tinggi - Google Blog Search

Trip to <b>Bukit Tinggi</b> | My Life In A Nutshell

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 02:23 PM PST

Good morning! Currently typing this post with 2 small cups of tea beside me, and enjoying the cold breeze of Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Getting to rest in a hotel room with a balcony is certainly one of the best thing ever. This is especially true when you get to combine a good book with teas later.

Rewind back to yesterday afternoon, we just finished visiting our grandmother for Chinese New Year celebration. It was always great to be able to see all my relatives and cousins around in grandmother house. The new year mood which is only avaiable once a year.

Back to topic. At around 12 pm, we arrived at Bukit Tinggi. At the entrance, we were required to pay an entrance fee up to RM48, and according to them, they will return the fees when we were leaving Bukit Tinggi. It took us quite some unnecessary turnings before reaching our hotel.

It was a toursim area with a lot of people. A few years back, the last time my family came there were only 3 or 4 families resting in this area. Yesterday was a population density where you could easily see in Night Market, especially at the main road of the whole area. The weather wasn't really cold in the afternoon, and instead you will still feel it is hot under the sun. Only a few moments when the wind blows and you get to enjoy the cold breeze that lasted for a shortwhile. Certainly never as cold as Genting and Cameron Highlands. My dad told me it may also be caused by the temporary lack of rain in South area of Malaysia.

The whole Bukit Tinggi Tourist Residential Area can be summed up as follows: Entrance through the main gate, then a few expensive restaurants & souvenir shops by both side, with hotel rooms at the top of each restaurants. It is just a one long street. And at the end of it, we may have a look at the beautiful scenery by taking the stairs up to an elevated area.

The street here gave us a feeling of the medieval culture in the western country. With 3 to 4 restaurants selling western food, while only 1 restaurant selling Malaysia food you may easily find in the hawker's stall.

As expected, the food here are expensive. To give you an idea, a RM 6 face-to-face pan mee will cost around RM 15 here. Similar to Sunway Lagoon. And as I have mentioned, it is only this one long street monopoly by the manager of Bukit Tinggi. Therefore, definitely no cheap restaurants nearby if you were to look for one.

To visit the attractions of Bukit Tinggi, we were required to take the bus a long way up. We were also given a choice to drive up ourselves, but we were also warned that there will be no parking space. We decided to wait for the bus. It was a long queue, around half an hour before we got to step foot into the mini-bus.

My family only visited two areas: Japan Village and Botanical Garden. A walk at the suspension bridge costs Rm30 per person, while flying fox costs Rm78 per person. Once you booked a hotel, the Japan Village and Botanical Garden are a free entrance.

The Japan Village was really nice, with different scenery of rocks, plants and a few Japanese-cultured house. Other than visual entertainment and getting to try out the Kimono for RM30 per person, there was nothing else much in this attraction. And another area would be eating Japanese Quisine at twice the price of Sakae Sushi.

The botanical garden was just a small area branched out from the route of Japanese Village. It was just a small area with plants planted in pots. Those we saw in Cameron Highlands were certainly a better one.

That's all for this blog post. Now, still early in the morning, I shall finished up the book which I borrowed for almost half a year already. Ciao.

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